Real Estate & Property

Our firm provides comprehensive legal representation and counsel to a wide range of clients involved in commercial and residential real estate matters. Our clients include lenders, investors, borrowers, sellers, property owners/managers, developers, contractors, landlords and tenants.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings/Re-Finance

Purchasing property is more often than not, a very large transaction. Our firm works to make these transactions as stress free as possible. The purchase or sale of property requires you to enter into a legally binding contract. We help our clients understand how the contract will affect them and what obligations they have. Real estate contracts often involve key deadlines and we make sure all parties comply timely to ensure the closing occurs on time.

Property Tax Appeals

By law, your town or city has to revalue your property every four years and send you the new assessment. You have the right to appeal the new value to the local board of tax appeals by filing an application with your assessor by February 20 of each year.

After you meet with the board of tax appeals, if you are not satisfied you can appeal to the Superior Court within two months of the tax board’s decision. Our firm can represent residential or commercial property owners in appealing the valuation of their properties. If you believe your property has been over-valued by your town or city and that your property taxes should be lowered, please contact our office to see if we can help.