Probate & Trust Administration

Wiley Etter, LLC is devoted to planning for the future and ensuring the maximum protection of your families wealth. Inevitably, this plan is put to use once a loved one passes away. We then offer full Probate and Trust Administration services to guide you through a difficult transition period. We know how challenging it is when a loved one passes, and that a variety of burdens will be placed on your shoulders. Therefore, we are committed to minimizing additional stress and making the Probate or Trust Administration process streamlined, compassionate, and efficient.

Probate Administration

Should an estate be processed through the Connecticut Probate Courts, our attorneys are experienced in helping individuals and families navigate the often cumbersome process. Our probate attorneys offer services as executors, co-executors, or as legal counsel to executors throughout the probate process. These services entail preparing proper documentation for the transfer of property and assets, filing of paperwork with the probate court, calculating and preparing estate tax forms, and ensuring property is properly and fairly distributed to beneficiaries.

Trust Administration

While using trusts is a smart way to avoid the court process and enjoy more freedom and privacy in distributing a family’s assets, it does not always make the process simple for a person inexperienced at administering a trust. Depending on who designed the trust, a trust can range from very simple to very complex. Further, the creator of a trust may have named trustees who may not feel comfortable serving as trustee, or may need assistance in making sure the trust rules and guidelines are properly followed.

Our attorneys are familiar with the trust administration process and offer services as trustees, co-trustees, trust protectors/advisors, and legal counsel to trustees or advisors. The benefits of a streamlined estate process through the use of trusts is only accomplished if the trustees and advisors are using all options to their full advantage. If you are in need of assistance, please contact our office to inquire about a trust review and consultation.