Frame RightWhen a dispute surfaces in today’s world, companies and individuals face risk on a variety of fronts: the threat of civil litigation, the prospect of investigations, or media and public scrutiny. At Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC, our attorneys have represented individuals and businesses in a variety of disputes in alternative dispute forums, in front of various state and federal agencies, and in state and federal courts.

When dealing with disputes or formally litigated matters, our attorneys are committed to bringing value by offering creative, timely and strategic advice to help solve complex legal issues and achieve our clients’ business goals. Our goal is to produce not only desired results for our clients during formal litigation such as trial, formal hearings or appeals, but also settlements or resolution of disputes when their interests are best served by keeping matters out of formal litigation.

Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC is a modern law firm and our attorneys leverage the latest technologies to best serve and represent our clients.