At Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC, we are passionate about helping you plan for the future.

Personal Solutions

The fundamental pillar of Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC is that the client absolutely must come first. At Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC, we will tailor a solution to your family or business’s specific needs and on your terms. This can involve white-glove guidance as to how to protect assets, ensure their efficient distribution, and set the stage for your business to thrive well into the future. It can also involve boutique-level advocacy for yourself or your business in the event a contentious situation develops. No matter the nature of your needs, it is our goal to make the process simple, stress free, and of uncompromising quality.

Your Concierge Team

Generally, legal representation of any kind is not done in a vacuum. Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC recognizes that as your attorneys we represent one part of a team dedicated to helping you acquire, manage, and protect your wealth. At your convenience, we will integrate with your Financial Advisor, Accountant, Insurance Professional, and other team members. Communication is key to creating outcomes that work, and we believe leveraging your entire team is an important part of a successful plan.


Ashley C.

Thank you, Matt. Your thoughtfulness, diligence and responsiveness were critical to resolving what could have been a messy situation.

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Larry S.

Simply put Wiley Etter, LLC offers high quality Estate Planning Services done right. Can’t be beat and highly recommended.

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Keith G.

I have recommended and worked with Matt on several occasions both personally and with complex client needs.

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Mike L.

Attorney Wiley has the rare mix of integrity, personality, and work ethic that make him an outstanding lawyer.

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