Game of Thrones – Predators

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This week Season 7 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones aired, titled Stormborn. As you may know by now, everyone in our firm is a huge fan of Game of Thrones.  As the plot thickens, we cannot help but consider the #Legacy planning we do every day and think about how these skills could be applied to Westeros.



One of the most important things we do is protect your loved ones from Predators. Predators are people that influence your heirs to ultimately rob them of their wealth, freedom, and individuality. There is no doubt Game of Thrones is full of Predators. Sometimes we wonder if creating a Guardian Angel Trust (our signature Asset Protection Trust) could save the young Lords and Ladies from being taken advantage of. Below, we outline a few of the biggest Predators in Game of Thrones… which character do you want influencing your children?

Petyr Baelish – Petyr, also known as Littlefinger, is the consummate Predator in the show. Littlefinger is shifty, deceitful, and cunning. He is known for his financial acumen and has built an empire of brothels, allowing him to carefully climb the social ladder.  Petyr continually lingers on the sidelines while making sure he stays close to the people of power. Littlefinger has shown his manipulation by being able to convince Jon Arryn’s widow, Lysa Tully, to marry him. This move ultimately gave him considerable influence over young Robin Arryn’s lordship. Littlefinger has effectively risen to be “puppet master” of the Vale. Now, Littlefinger has his sights on Sansa Stark. What’s next on Littlefinger’s agenda? Only time will tell. One thing is true, you surely would not want your children to be subject to such a cunning Predator!

Euron Greyjoy –  Euron is the classic banished uncle who returns to usurp the throne and steal your children’s wealth. After a long outcast from the Iron Isles, Euron Greyjoy returns home to murder his brother and put the kingdom’s heir-ship in jeopardy. He does this just in time to make a claim above that of the rightful heirs, Theon Greyjoy or Yara Greyjoy. The end of this episode surely shows that some of the biggest threats to your legacy can be family.  Sometimes you need to be cautious of family influencing your children – or in this case – stabbing you and them in the back!

Cersei Lannister –  Believe it or not, one of the most common types of Predators can be your children’s own mother. We affectionately refer to this as “Baby-Mama-Drama.”  Whatever your reasons for not trusting the mother (or father) of your children, you may want to make sure that your children are protected from these negative influences in the future. Would you rather have the unpredictable and sinister Cersei Lannister look over your children, or the noble and trustworthy Lord Ned Stark? Many of us would choose to trust Lord Ned Stark to guide and raise our children as opposed to Cersei Lannister. As we all know, Robert Baratheon attempted to choose Lord Ned Stark to watch over his children in Season 1. This ultimately led to both of their deaths.  If Robert had planned more effectively using our Guardian Angel Trust, this probably would have been avoided.

What language would you place in a Guardian Angel Trust to prepare your children for the Predators that lurk after death? We invite you to protect your Legacy! Click here to learn how.