Game of Thrones – Legacy


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This week Season 7 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones aired, titled Dragonstone. This episode draws an interesting comparison of the three main characters’ legacies.


#Stark– First, we are introduced to the King of the North, Jon Snow of Family Stark.  We find him in Winterfell, his ancestral home, with a tomb full of several generations of his family.  The Stark line has stood guard of the North for hundreds of years defying countless harsh winters. This family has shown a tremendous amount of ability to overcome adversity, and still their dynasty stands ready to take on the next generation. This family’s legacy, of honor and respect has been passed down from generation to generation remaining as united and strong as Winterfell’s castle walls.  Even losing countless heirs could not shatter this family’s plan.

#Lannister – Second, we consider the Lannisters. After a lifetime of planning, scheming, and ladder-climbing Cersei finds herself Queen of the Seven err… Three Kingdoms. She has devoted her entire life to reach this important apex, but upon arriving, she questions whether it was worth it. All the wealth in the world, but no family to share it with. All of her dreams accomplished, yet the price of the climb has left her alone. What is her incentive to keep on working? Regardless of how high she climbs, there is no one to share her accomplishments. Cersei must decide what cause, ideal, or memory to transfer her legacy.

#Targaryen – Finally, Daenerys reaches her family’s ancestral home, Dragonstone. She finds her family’s legacy in ruins, abandoned with no family to support her. Years of the Mad King’s decadence and recklessness destroyed the once great Targaryen Legacy.  Throughout the many seasons of Game of Thrones, there is no doubt that Daenerys is determined to create her own Legacy. However, now on the tarnished steps of her once great family, she is left with nothing but a drive and determination to build her own empire. She must plan carefully to ensure that her Legacy carries on and thrives!

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