Fight Anxiety with Preparation

We live in an anxious society. Many of us worry about our families, our jobs, and whether we can make ends meet. Anxiety can manifest itself physically, cognitively, or emotionally – and sometimes, all three. Stress is common, normal, and part of navigating through life. While everyone experiences anxiety for different reasons, these five situations are when it may be the most prevalent:

  • When the outcome is perceived to be important
  • When the situation is new
  •  When there is unpredictability
  • When you feel like you have no control over the outcome
  • When you are dealing with other life stressors at the same time

Think about the most exciting ventures we partake in. Consider events such as starting a family, starting a new job, or traveling. All the best parts of life come with an undertone of anxiety because it’s important to us, it’s new and unpredictable, we don’t always have control over the outcome, and we are always trying to balance everything happening at once.

The key to overcoming anxiety is confidence, and the key to confidence is preparation. Being prepared for life’s unpredictability and making sure your family is taken care of would alleviate your stress on a day-to-day basis. Having a financial game-plan for your family for all scenarios puts you back in control of the most important aspects of your life.

Zack Etter (of, Master of Education focusing on sports Psychology and also conveniently Attorney Etter’s little brother) recently worked with a baseball player who was having difficulty hitting a curveball. Would it be sensible to have said, “We better hope the pitchers only throw fastballs?” Of course not. Having a plan in your back pocket for the worst-case scenario, and knowing that when it comes, everything is going to be okay – that’s the best way to minimize anxiety in an unpredictable world.

Wiley Etter, LLC provides clients with the opportunity to ease their anxiety. By preparing for life’s curveballs, we can ensure that your family remains protected! Wiley Etter, LLC focuses its clients to accomplish their strategic goals. Concerned about a partnership dissolution? Sign an operating agreement. Concerned about an unexpected death or disability? Prepare a Revocable Living Trust.

Whatever is causing you anxiety, we believe that meeting with a qualified planning attorney will help reduce your anxiety and help your family thrive! Taking care of your family and finances in a thorough, responsible way, provides unmatched comfort. Let’s turn one of life’s biggest stressors into a positive, freeing experience. You can take the first step to taking better control of your finances today.

Check out, Zack Etter’s new book and ask yourself, how will sports analogies help you gain control of your financial future!